Mr. Chris O’Connell joins the Business Department

Mr. Chris O’Connell is one of the many new members of the CBC faculty. He joins the Business Department, teaching Accounting, Personal Finance, and Computer Applications.

Mr. O’Connell said, “Accounting is fast paced, and cumulative, so it takes some diligence. Computer Apps is easy like Sunday morning.

He coached at Webster University last year, and taught at Hillsboro High School the previous four years where he was also the head basketball coach. He has been teaching since 2006; coaching since 2000.

Mr. O’Connell said he is impressed with the diversity of the CBC student body. “I love that collectively we are people from various backgrounds, areas, ethnicities, and ability levels. Having grown up in a city apartment with a single parent, I value working for a school that is inclusive. Unlike so many private schools, we resemble the real world.”

Mr. O’Connell already understands his priorities for the basketball team, “Beat DeSmet!” He said, “I loved coaching and the rewarding and social natures of the profession, so I went back to school for teacher certification.”

He is a graduate of St. Mary’s High School.

Mr. O’Connell feels his experience at other schools brings with it a perspective that will make his future at CBC more promising. “Having been at other schools, I hope our students appreciate the opportunity that their parents have afforded them at CBC. To whom much is given, much is required.”

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