Life after football: the end of deep commitment

While coming off an amazing football season, I try to speak for everyone when I say it was a fantastic season that I will never forget.  No one on that team will never forget. 

We will never forget our teammates, our brothers in battle, and the bond that we all shared and will always share as the 2011-2012 CBC football team.  Going undefeated through the regular season, we throttled most teams and found ourselves playing on Thanksgiving weekend in the Show Me State Football Game. 

This game was one of the most exciting, yet disappointing experiences ever. We lost the state final 43-40.  The loss was humbling, but left our team empty inside.

Despite these words, this story is not supposed to be a recap of our team, in fact it is a story of being a former CBC football player.  Our seniors broke into two groups, those who began their college football journey and those of us who ended our football careers after the state final.  Either way, we came to an end of high school football to begin a new journey. 

Our new responsibility became evident when the new sports season began.  Our new calling was to help support the other sports teams of our school just like they supported our football team.

CBC is an amazing school because all sports teams support one another.  Dedication, hard work, and school spirit/support result in successful sports teams. 

Finally, it is important for athletes to find what makes them happy and what drives them, because the fact of the matter is that most of us are not going to make a career out of the sport we play.