Blood Drive bags more than 120 units

CBC spomsored a blood drive held by the NHS and Mercy Hospital January 26, 2012. Guidance counselor, Mrs. Trisha Crenshaw, directed the effort .

Mrs. Crenshaw said she helps with the blood drive because “It saves lives.” In fact nine out of ten people will use blood at some point in their lives.

CBC certainly made a positive impact on the number of people in need of donated blood. As a school we were able to donate 122 units, which beat the previous record of 102 units

This drive attracted many Cadets. In fact, all spots for donors were filled.

“They did a fabulous job. I was so proud of them and their hard work. I just couldn’t have asked for a better group of kids,” Mrs. Crenshaw said.

The D.C. Wilcutt Gymnasium was turned into one big blood bank, with many eager donors. Many were at the drive when it started at 8:30AM, and some were said to have waited nearly 6½ hours to donate blood.

The first step in the donation process is filling out a required health form. The next step is getting blood drawn and having it tested for anemia. If the blood is healthy, the donors are taken to the blood donation station. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes and is not as painful as one might fear. After the donation, the NHS has a recovery area, where juice and snacks are provided.

Some Cadets are afraid of giving blood or think that it’s not worth missing a period or two of school. But the blood donated will help all those who are in need of any of the different products in blood. It’s a small sacrifice, but saving lives is worth it.

There are a whole series of schools that participate in this drive but CBC is competition with all-girls school St. Joseph’s Academy. Although the outcome of the contest is not clear there should be a declared winner in the near future.
A whole series of schools participate in this drive, but CBC is matched with St. Joseph’s Academy. Although the outcome of the contest is not known, the winner should be a declared in the near future.
Some information for this article was supplied by Ryan Green.