Live Aid is Team Effort with Visitation Academy

Jack Stark, Turret staff writer

Music for Charity (Live Aid) was an event that CBC hosted in association with Visitation Academy on May 2. Live Aid consisted of roughly 20 acts, some of which were acoustic. The main performances were hosted in the Gundaker Theater while the acoustics took place in the black box theater along with any Open Mic performances. Bands performed three songs of their choosing and were assessed by four judges based on their skill, as well as by the audience based on their popularity. The audience voted for the bands they liked the best by donating money to charity in honor of the band.  The top three bands with the most donated money were declared the winners.

Senior Garrison Krotz, Music for Charity President, has organized and run the event for the last two years. Mr. Mike Krussel, CBC’s director of campus ministry announced that since he has taken over as president the amount of money raised has skyrocketed from around $1,500 to $4,000.

Live Aid has definitely changed a lot over the years.

Jake Strate, bassist and lead singer for “The Motifs” said, “Garrison is doing a good job running Live Aid. I really liked the addition of Guitar Hero in Ross Hall for extra entertainment and teaming up with Viz really helped get new faces and more volunteers and bands.”

Other event changes included pairing up with Visitation Academy, moving the acoustic bands to the black box, and a special performance by a band of teachers “Lack of Principals” which included Mr. Ray Benton, Mr. Marc Strathman, Mr. Ed Goetz, Ms. Andrea Mahon, Ms. Danielle Nygaard and Ms. Lisa Pride.

The winner of both the “Best Band” and “Most Popular” categories was “The Moment” which featured Krotz.

“With Garrison Krotz as both president of Music for Charity and winner of the 2014 Live Aid, he and his band will be missed next year,” said open-mic performer Sam Kurtz.

Live Aid is always adding new elements to it and always taking away others, and

with junior Devin Cargill and junior Tommy McAndrews as the new president and vice president  respectfully, Live Aid will continue to grow and raise even more money for charity.


Coming Out Victorious

Alex Wittke, Turret staff writer

The CBC bands, over the weekend of April 4 to 6, performed at Chicago to compete at the Heritage Festivals located at Bolingbrook High School and took first place in all their categories.

At CBC there are three different band groups. First is the Jazz Band which is the elite band that meets every morning to practice. Next is the Studio Band who meets as a class during the school day. And last is the Drum Ensemble who also meets during the day.

In 2012, Ray Benton joined the CBC music department staff. After working with the students in band, he saw how much talent they had and decided to take 50 kids in the elite band to a competition and split them up into two different elite groups to show off their talent.

In 2013, Benton decided to do things differently. Instead of having two Jazz band groups, he decided to have an upbeat band and a concert band. The second elite group he made into a class and called it Studio Band.

Both groups are elite bands so Benton decided to show their talents by having them perform in various competitions.

“Each kid has his own unique talent and when you combine those talents, a harmony explosion happens,” said Benton. “I wanted to show the world what these young men could do so band competitions around the nation were the best idea I could come up with!”

A true band can’t play well together unless the members of the band all get along with each other.

“It was a long trip up to Chicago so we had plenty of time to bond with each other. That’s exactly what we did and it paid off,” said Joe Amsler, senior guitarist in Studio Band.

The competition was big and tough. They had to perform against 30 other top-performing bands, but the Jazz Band and Studio Band weren’t nervous at all.

“We knew we had it in the bag all along,” said Amsler. “That may sound cocky, but when you spend six hours on a bus together and every morning together, you get to know how well each other can play.”

The two bands took first place in all their respected categories making them an undefeated band in all competitions and the No. 1 band in the state of Missouri.

Hammond Shines in Teen Talent Competition

Kirkland French, Turret staff writer

On April 4, 2013, CBC sophomore Antonius “TJ” Hammond was selected to be a finalist in the fourth annual St. Louis Teen Talent Competition which was held at the Fabulous Fox Theater.  He performed an original dance that he choreographed in only a few days. Hammond earned a $1500 scholarship from The Big Muddy Dance Company because of his performance.

When asked about the experience Hammond responded, “It was a good experience and I got to meet new friends.”

Hammond performed his dance for a crowd of thousands of people; however, this was not his first time performing in front of a crowd of this size. Hammond is a part of the Cerre players and participates in many of the theater productions at CBC. He is also a part of the Muny’s kid actors and has been in various productions at the Muny and the Fox.

Hammond encourages all students that like to participate in contests like this to go for it because “it allows them to show their talents in a way that they wouldn’t be able to at school.”

CSN: Creating a New Era

Alex Wittke, Turret staff writer

The Cadet Student Network (CSN) is a new club that CBC has to offer. The club streams live every sporting event, pep rally, fine arts performance and everything else that CBC does.

“CSN was an attempt to copy what was taking place at major collegiate schools, and was the idea of Athletic Directors Coach Streb, Coach Kosciolek, and the former Director of Communications, Rob Stagenborg,” said Bryson Schroeder, executive producer of CSN.

Schroeder is a junior at CBC and he is aided by junior Josh Williams in helping run the program.

“Bryson and I are the leaders of CSN, but the CSN members,(almost 20 strong, are the lifeblood of the club,” voiced Williams.

In the early years of CSN, CBC streamed games live via But Prepcasts would only stream sport games that CBC played. The athletic directors wanted much more than just sports, so they created a club where that was possible. CSN has been very helpful for students unable to attend the events.

“CSN has been a very effective part of sharing the sports, academic and theater performances with the CBC students, alumni, faculty, and prospective students that want to stay informed with everything that is going on at CBC,” shared Schroeder. “We just surpassed 25,000 viewers, and have produced just at 100 events. On average we get about 300 viewers per event, with some events getting over 1,000 viewers.”

CSN plans on making multiple improvements to their club next year. Their first priority is having summer training sessions for any freshman through senior students interested in joining the club. They are also planning more advanced equipment and platform improvements.

To find out more or to join CSN, contact Bryson Schroeder at

Taste of CBC Returns

Malcolm Schulz, Turret staff writer

Due to the success of last year’s event, Taste of CBC returns to give the community a tasty second course.  More than 20 CBC alumni who own restaurants will gather in Ross Hall to participate in the event including Charlie Gitto’s “On the Hill”, Rib City and Mike Shannon’s Steaks and Seafood. Each restaurant will prepare bite-sized samples of their signature dishes or appetizers to be served to eager and willing attendees. The event was started last year by Jim Carroll ’78 and Tom Young, a past CBC parent.

“We wanted a spring event and we really wanted to highlight the many alumni-owned restaurants within the CBC community,” commented Carroll.

The event is Sunday, April 6 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Complimentary wine and drinks will be provided. Tickets are $25 for adults, $10 for children between the ages of 5 and 17, and free for children under the age of 5.  Tickets are available for purchase online at or in the main office of the school during school hours.