School guidance counselors often underappreciated

As incoming freshman, did you ever wonder what the purpose of the guidance counselor’s office was, or did you even know you had a guidance counselor?

Guidance counselors are among the busiest, hardest-working people at CBC High School. Although not every student understands the importance of their job, guidance counselors play a very important role in the school days of high school teachers and students alike.

Many students take the career of their counselors for granted and believe that their duties are truly unimportant. Some of these students even misinterpret the role of a guidance counselor as that of a “parent-at-school.” These students believe that guidance counselors care only about the students they advise when they are struggling, and thus only want to “give them trouble.”

Students are oftentimes reluctant to visit with their guidance counselors because they feel as though visits to the counselor’s office can only spell bad news.

They may believe that a visit to their counselor is tantamount, or perhaps even paramount, to a disciplinary visit with Brother David and/or Mr. Jeff Myer. However, this perception is far from reality.

“I enjoy seeing students succeed and follow their dreams. It is awesome when the college decisions come in and a ‘dream school’ becomes a reality. I love it when a student finally realizes their potential and starts to blossom… I enjoy when my students come back to give me an update on how they are doing,” guidance counselor, Mrs. Trisha Crenshaw said.

Guidance counselors have a very difficult role to fill in the everyday success of students at CBC.

They arrive at school before many students, and even some teachers, and remain at school late in the afternoon to meet with and aid students as often as they possibly can;

“Formal hours when we are at school are usually 7:30am to 4:30 or 5pm.We (counselors) are supposed to be here until 3:15, but we all work longer, and then we often are on e-mail until all hours of the night and on the weekends,” notes Mrs. Crenshaw. Guidance counselors work extremely hard to ensure that each and every student attending CBC can reach their own personal goals.

The counselors of CBC High School must be able to advise a diverse population of high school students, from struggling to excelling students, from introverted to popular students, and all students “in between.” Because CBC claims such a widely diverse student body population, counselors cannot treat every student alike and must instead focus on individual shortcomings and strengths.

The guidance counselors at CBC focus on the unique needs and abilities of students and do everything possible to help each individual student to ensure that they reach their maximum potential when applying to CBC, when applying for colleges, and most importantly, throughout the course of their high school years.

Guidance counselors attempt to establish an early relationship with incoming freshmen students and to maintain a friendly, helpful rapport through graduation and beyond. They play an integral role in helping students adjust to high school life, prepare for college applications, and eventually prepare for life on a collegiate campus.

“The best thing that we do with and for our freshmen students is to make contact with them as often as we can. We try to establish a relationship with them as well as lay the groundwork for the next four years. Any time we can make contact with and talk to our freshmen students is critical in the development of the counselor/student relationship,” guidance counselor Mr. Jim Mueller said.

The role of guidance counselors Mr. Chris Allen, Mrs. Crenshaw, Mr. Tim Gillard, Mr. Walt Kempf, and Mr. Mueller is oftentimes overlooked and underappreciated. Students who understand that their guidance counselors do not attempt to cause them stress and work as hard as possible to ensure the success of each student at CBC High School and beyond often understand more thoroughly the true importance of guidance counselors.

If all students “are proactive” and appreciate the tremendously important tasks which guidance counselors carry out each and every day to aid the students whom they advise, “the rest will follow and… it will be worth your effort no matter who your counselor is here at CBC!” Mr. Mueller said.

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