Ferguson and the Effect on CBC

Andrew Grunik, Turret Staff Writer

In late November the St. Louis grand jury reached a decision to not charge Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. This was a decision that many disagreed with, while many others agreed with which essentially divided St. Louis in half.

When asked about the effect of the decision, senior Andrew Knight said, “It was huge. I do not live there, but it still had an effect on me. I did not know what would happen next.”

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Mother Mentors Aid Teens in Parenting Program

Justin Frazier, Turret staff writer

Parenting for Success is a program of the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center in East St. Louis, Illinois.  It serves teenage mothers and their children.

Gia Moore, the program coordinator for the program said “My biggest joy is seeing the moms come back and say ‘My baby is in college now.’”

The program has certified women who go to the teens’ homes and help them with things they may need. They also have mothers who teach the teens what and what not to do. They can also find quality schools for the baby once he/she becomes old enough for such. They teach the parents about the development of the child.

Parenting for Success takes the mothers on field trips without their baby so they can get time alone.  The program served 85 teen mothers last year. When the program runs out of room they direct them to other shelters.

Moore began to work for Parenting for Success when she was looking for a job. She just signed up not knowing how it would change her life.

“Teen mom shows glorify being a teen mom, when really it’s a hard job,” said Moore.

Caring and Commitment in Action

Andrew Grunik, Turret staff writer

From providing school uniforms to giving out teddy bears, the Assistance League of St. Louis is an all-volunteer organization located in Ellisville, Missouri that does it all. This organization is comprised of 353 members that take part in six different programs. Coming from the National Assistance League, which has been active in communities for over 100 years now, the Assistance League of St. Louis covers the whole St. Louis Region.

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Center Helps Protect People from Domestic Violence

Craig Summers, Turret staff writer

The Violence Prevention Center is a shelter in Southwestern Illinois that protects people from all forms of domestic abuse, whether it is physical, emotional, sexual, financial or social.

“Our staff saves lives,” said Patricia Mayberry-Vecchio, the Director of Development at the Center. “Not every person gets to go to work every day, knowing that they’re helping people in need.”

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Parenting for Success: A Helping Hand

Jordan Kahrhoff, Turret staff writer

Most teenagers can’t picture themselves as parents in ten years. Probably none of them can see themselves as parents now. Parenting for Success, a program created by Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, was created for those teenagers who become parents at a young age.  Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center is located throughout East St. Louis, Belleville and Fairview Heights. The program provides resource information and workshops relating to teen parenting and other adolescent concerns that can be utilized by individuals, groups, and agencies in the community.

“There is nothing greater than preparing young people to go out into the world,” said Gia Moore, the coordinator for Parenting for Success, about seeing a family go through the program and be successful.

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