Theology teacher, Mr. Joel Delpha, to retire after 37 years at CBC

Having taught Theology (mostly social justice classes) for the past 37 years at CBC, Mr. Joel Delpha plans to retire at the end of May.

“Teaching – the direct contact with young men learning how to think – has been a joy and a challenge,” he said.

“What I love most about teaching is the playful interaction I can have with my students. They can bring smile to my face even on the gloomiest of days. I also love the fact that I have had the chance to do something significant, to help students grow and mature, and maybe think about some things in a different way than they have before.”

Louis Torres who just graduated had Mr. Delpha for Catholic Social Teaching. He told of how Mr. Delpha ran his class. “He always said “Namaste,” which, if I remember correctly, meant that you respond and acknowledge that person and show them respect.”

It seems that Mr. Delpha will miss some aspects of the teaching role.
“I will miss the kids of course and the many friends I have made here over the years. I will miss the many laughs we have had at the faculty table during the second lunch period. I will miss coaching and the special relationships I have had with the players.”

Mr. Delpha had trouble singling out a single memory as the best. “It is hard to single out one. My undefeated sophomore football team would be one. Beating SLUH and DeSmet (twice) on the last play of the game would be another. There are just so many great people I have been associated with around here. I feel very blessed.”

Teaching with him has been a blessing too. “He never misses remembering the faculty birthdays – and their spouses too. He sends a card to them all,” counselor, Mr. Jim Mueller said.

“He taught social justice and he lived the example for all to see. He lived in the city. He served meals at Karen House. He gently and consistently talked the talk. He walked the walk. He is a man of true integrity,” Mr. Mueller, a colleague for 32 years, said.

“When you teach, it’s hard to really know what you’ve accomplished always. I hope that I have had a positive influence on my boys over all these years. I hope that I have strengthened their faith and imbued them with a sense of justice and commitment to make this world a better place,” Mr. Delpha said.

I have no retirement plans other than to break my alarm clock,” he joked.

Off-Season Workouts a must in order to compete

Your in-season activities are over, now what? It looks like it’s time for off-season workouts and summer teams. These activities include, conditioning, lifting weights, eating right, and playing on summer teams.
Conditioning is running, and doing drills that help you to stay in shape, such as running the mile, and doing agility around cones. This helps speed, agility, and form for a specific sport.
Lifting weights is also a part of off-season workouts.
CBC has a state-of-the-art room, modeled after the St. Louis Rams weight room. We have a variety of exercises available there. You will find the most dedicated athletes there in the off-season, bench-pressing, on the treadmill, doing pushups, and squatting. This along with eating right builds muscle, and gets you stronger for the season.
Junior Darrian Bass, who is a starting defensive end for varsity football said, “An offseason workout not only for me, but as a team gives us the chance to become engaged with the sport. Not only has it done that, but it also given us the jumpstart to get a team chemistry that many teams don’t have. For me personally offseason workouts give me a chance to prove that I am dedicated and also give me the mindset that this is what I want to do. I keep in mind that there is always someone better than I am.”
Bass starts workouts as soon as he can, following the active portion of a sport’s season. “I begin offseason workouts as soon as possible. It may not be as early as my teammates because I play multiple sports and one of those sports is basketball. Knowing that basketball is a couple of months before football, I will already be in shape for football work. Also since football pretty much overlaps with basketball, I feel that I will already be physical enough if I want to make a quick transition into basketball.”
Offseason workouts can be a hassle though. Sometimes they are in the middle of family time, or recreation time. Many times you have to choose whether you would like to hang out with friends or workout.
“I wouldn’t say that it interferes with my personal life because if I am going to do something then dedication is the main key. My first goal when participating in a sport is to find time to do what I want. If I don’t have that time I need to create time,” Bass said.
Off-season workouts can only get you better. Anyone who plays a sport must get in the weight room, get on a summer team, and start eating right in the off-season so he can come back in tip-top shape.

Telling the truth will set you free

Can you handle the Truth?

What do you think is the percentage of people that are truthful in everyday life? The definition of truth is a fact that has been verified. That means what you say is proven and you’re not making false statements. Now if you’re not telling the truth you must be lying. The definition of lying is the deliberate act of deviating from the truth. You can’t tell the truth and lie at the same time which is where people’s character shows.

How many times in everyday life do you think a single person lies? Most people lie and don’t even realize it because it’s become such a casual thing to do. Also people don’t realize that when you lie you’re sinning. Now everybody sins and nobody’s perfect so everybody lies but the amount varies. The best thing you can do is try to be truthful in even the toughest moments.

Have you ever got into a situation where if you tell the truth you will be punished? Most likely that has happened at some point in your life. Let me tell you people will respect you a lot more if you come clean and be honest with them. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way and we lie and somebody finds out. If somebody finds out you were not telling the truth they will be a lot harsher with punishment. If you just tell the truth and except your consequences that person will still respect you.

If you tell the truth nothing can catch up to you and bite you in the ass however if you lie you are always at risk of that happening to you .The people who tell the truth will get farther in life because they will never have the possibility of lies catching up to them. From personal experience it’s always best to tell the truth to your parents because they always find out if you are being truthful or if you’re lying. If you are not truthful with your parents the will lose trust in you which is the worst thing.
This whole paper is written from personal experience and I’m sure that everybody can relate to at least one thing if not all. If you sit back and think about all these things you might think a little harder about telling the truth. Albert Einstein said, that anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.

Class of 2,011 receives scholarship offers of more than $14 million

As the final week of high school rolls around for the CBC Senior class of 2011, anticipation grows high for the next step in education. Although college decisions are still being made by some, the looming May 1st deadline for enrollment has encouraged many seniors to make their final choice.
As of April 26, it is confirmed that 65% of CBC seniors have decided to stay in Missouri. However, the other 35% of students going out of state range from colleges all the way from California, to New Orleans, to Minnesota.
This year’s seniors have also received numerous of holarships from colleges coast to coast. Although the number is still being counted and is growing rapidly, as of April 26, it was determined that the senior class has earned $14,005,572 in scholarship money. An inside source in the Guidance Department even remarked how he would not be surprised if that number soon broke 10 million.
Although there have been excellent scholarships received by many seniors, a few in particular stand out. Phillip Moore has recently been offered a full scholarship to the University of Chicago. Another full scholarship was received by student council vice president and National Merit Finalist, John Hayes to the University of Alabama. John’s full scholarship to Alabama also included $2,000 to study abroad and a new laptop. These are only two examples of the 276+ excellent scholarships received by seniors.
Overall, the class of 2011 has proven itself to be a very successful and diverse group of students whose accomplishments will resound throughout the halls of CBC for years to come.

Ms. Diane Wiel retires from teaching business courses

Veteran teacher Ms.Diane Wiel has been teaching at CBC for 22 years and teaching in total for 43.

Aside from Ms. Wiel’s contribution to us as a teacher she has also aided CBC with her student council work, helped direct the Big Brother Program on Saturdays until Mrs. Anne Monks took over. During her stay at CBC, she has taught Accounting 1 and 2, Computer Applications, and Note Hand.

Aside from her teaching at CBC she said that she will miss the people at CBC more than anything, and she loves the interaction with students and teachers, as well as variety because every class and day is different. Her plans for retirement are mainly traveling. “I will be able to travel where ever I want”, during her travels Ms. Wiel plans to go to Morocco, the Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Greenland, China, and Japan. She’s happy she won’t have to wake up to an alarm clock in the morning.  One of her most favorite experiences while teaching here, was seeing how much students have grown while there here and after they have left.