Mr. Andrew Forrester Joins the Math Department

December 10, 2013 • Kelly Weed, Turret staff writer  
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Mr. Andrew Forrester is the newest math teacher on the CBC staff. He teaches a wide variety of math such as geometry, calculus and algebra.  Forrester moved to St. Louis from Omaha, Nebraska where he taught math at Westside High School for most of his years as a teacher. After his wife, who was finishing... Read more »

Mrs. Gayle English Joins Counseling Department

November 12, 2013 • Brien Bledsoe, Turret staff writer  
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CBC’s newest addition to the counseling department can counsel students on academics as well as athletics. Mrs. Gayle English competes in races because she loves to run. She just finished her second tough mudder, an obstacle course that tests all the resources of the human body. English has also completed... Read more »

Mr. Patrick Walsh is New Director of Communications

October 29, 2013 • Charley Meyer, Turret staff writer  
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Mr. Patrick Walsh plays an important role at CBC that is often overlooked by many.  As the new director of communications at CBC he is responsible for promoting CBC to the public and keeping CBC alumni involved. But his job entails many other duties such as admissions. Walsh works with the marketing... Read more »

Mr. Matthew Naes Joins the Math Department

October 29, 2013 • Kip Killion, Turret staff writer  
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Mr. Matthew Naes is in his second year as a math teacher here at CBC.  A native to Pensacola, Florida, Naes came to St. Louis because of a change in his wife’s employment.  When asked about whether or not he likes St. Louis more than his hometown, he said, “Yes and No. I like the cooler weather,... Read more »

CBC Welcomes Brother Dennis Galvin

October 29, 2013 • Jack Christian, Turret staff writer  
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Brother Dennis Galvin is the new Vice President of Mission at CBC. Galvin is responsible for managing and overseeing all the programs in mission, including working with staff to incorporate the mission of the Lasallian Brothers within the school and with campus ministries to organize service projects. This... Read more »

Mr. Justin Tatum joins CBC’s Coaching Staff and Physical Education Department

October 28, 2013 • Tony McDaniels, Turret staff writer  
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CBC welcomes back 1997 basketball state champion, Justin Tatum. Tatum is a 1997 graduate of CBC and has returned to be the director of diversity, head basketball coach, and physical education teacher. Prior to joining CBC, he was the head basketball coach at Soldan International High School where he... Read more »

Mr. Matthew Puzzella joins Religion Department

October 28, 2013 • Andy Goldberg, Turret staff writer  
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Mr. Matthew Puzzella joined CBC’s religion department second semester last year. Puzzella grew up in St. Louis and graduated from St. Dominic High School. He participated in many sports at St. Dominic including soccer, baseball, and track. Puzzella was recruited to run track for Southeast Missouri... Read more »

Ms. Danielle Nygaard joins the Social Studies Department

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December 28, 2012 • Turret staff writer  
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After teaching three years at an all-girls school, Ms. Danielle Nygaard has joined the staff at CBC to teach government to seniors and U.S. history to sophomores. Ms. Nygaard holds a bachelor of arts in history and psychology and a master of arts in political science from the University of Missouri –Columbia.... Read more »

Mr. Buckvar Joins the Language Arts Department at CBC

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December 28, 2012 • Brendan Fink, Turret staff writer  
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Mr. Nick Buckvar is a new language arts teacher at CBC. He teaches English 1 to freshmen along with English 3 to juniors. He says that he chose to be a teacher at CBC because of the emphasis on character and education, stating that it is about more than just academics; it emphasizes developing students... Read more »

Mr. Jacob Pittroff joins the Business Department

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December 26, 2012 • Turret staff writer  
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Mr. Jacob Pittroff teaches computer applications to freshmen, as well as, website design and game programming to sophomores through seniors. In addition to teaching, he coached B-Team soccer. Mr. Pittroff has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Education from Quincy University. While at Quincy he played... Read more »

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