CBC Celebrates Two National Merit Finalists

Christian Willis, Turret staff writer

Seniors Reed Sahadevan and Caz Smith have been named National Merit Finalists. Out of the 1.5 million students who take the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, these two scored in the top one percent and were selected as finalists based on their academic credentials. Smith said receiving the award meant a lot, “I’m honored to be selected for this award. It feels great to be recognized for the hard work I have put in over my years at CBC.” There were more qualifications for the award other than just having good test scores, winners had to be an exceptional people inside and outside of the classroom. Smith touched on this briefly, “For my essay, I tried to focus on how I have improved over my life. Anybody can take a good test, but only the excellent will continue to make themselves better. Progress is always better than stagnation.” These two should be very proud of their accomplishment and hopefully it starts a string of National Merit Finalists here at CBC.

CBC Track Springs into Action

Kyle Bahr, Turret staff writer

Spring is here, and with it comes this year’s exhilarating track season. Coach Albes and senior Auggie Bindbeutel spoke positively about the track team this year. Bindbeutel runs the 4×1 and does the long jump, his personal favorite. He is more than happy with how the track team is looking this year. “We have the top jumpers in the state on our team,” explained Bindbeutel. “A lot of them have already been to the state finals so it’ll be a pretty comfortable atmosphere when they get there.”

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Addams Family Joins CBC

Collin Bears, Turret staff writer

Going into the Addams Family, senior Matthew Murray and sophomore Gus Kickham were very excited. Kickham worked on the crew as the assistant director and Murray was an actor. “I knew this show was really funny, and the cast was shaping up to be a lot of fun” said Murray, who was going for the role of Uncle Fester, who is the creepy uncle. “I also knew it was my last show at CBC so I had to make it count.” Murray was going for this role because he knew it would be challenging, and that he would have a lot of fun with it as well. “Throughout the show, Uncle Fester narrates with goofy jokes, silly songs, and embarrassing dancing,” explained Murray. “To top it off, Uncle Fester is also in love with the moon.”

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Senior Spotlight: Derek White takes 6th in State Wrestling

Adam Klein, Turret staff writer

After a long wrestling season of traveling the country, senior Derek White in his 4th season of play, battled a tough schedule. White’s road to state was not easy since he squared off with nationally-ranked opponents. White simply put it that the season was a grind. Not only did he have to battle on the mats, but White had to work all year to make weight and to stay free from infections that tried to keep him sidelined. White went into state saying, “I came into it prepared to succeed and that’s the kind of mindset you need to have in wrestling.” Looking back he acknowledged the pressure of the situation. “It was the hardest tournament I’ve ever wrestled in,” White said, “expectations were high so I had to perform. I came into it thinking I could win it all.”

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CBC Icemen Take Third State Championship in a Row

Jordan Barnes, Turret staff writer

State championship after state championship the Cadets still find a way to be better than ever. Mr. Randy Staub, CBC’s assistant hockey coach, described this season as one emotion “a roller-coaster.” Although it was an up and down season the Cadets managed to get a state championship. Staub said, “It feels good to compete for a state championship every year, but at the same time, we don’t take it for granted.” Continue reading